Forum rules in English


Forum rules in English

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  1. Show respect for other Forum members and readers.
  2. Any sort of political, racial, ethnic and other hatred, harassment and attacks against other Forum members are forbidden.
  3. New threads should be posted in appropriate Forum segments.
  4. Write clearly, read your message before posting it to Forum. Do not write in Caps.
  5. Make thread title to reflect the topic:
    1. If You create thread about a specific model, the title must contain:
      • type (e.g. tank, aircraft carrier etc.);
      • name (e.g. ISU-152, USS Enterprise);
      • scale;
      • maker of the kit;
      • material of which the model (or most of it) is made (e.g. plastic, wood, card);
      • example of thread title: Tank A34 Comet / 1:35 / Bronco / Plastic
    2. Titles of other threads must be clear and reflect the topic e.g. „How to groom paintbrushes“, „Airfix 1/72 Bristol Blenheim assembly manual needed“.
  6. Avoid duplicating topics, and off-topic posts.
  7. If you use photographs of other modeler‘s work, include a reference.
  8. Piracy and promotion of pirated materials is deemed illegal and immoral.
  9. Forum languages are: lithuanian, english and russian.
  10. Use personal messages (PM) for personal communication.
  11. For violating these rules user can be banned from Forum without notice.
  12. These rules are a subject of change

  1. You will be able to use all Forum facilities only after Administrator verifies Your registration.
  2. Notice about user activation will be sent to e-mail address that You provided during registration.
  3. Your location is mandatory during registration. If non-existent or fictional location is provided, registration can be cancelled.
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