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Show has ended? Show must go on

On the 24-25 of January 2009 the first Vilnius Open Scale Model Show took place. This event was arranged by informal club of Vilnius city modelers „“. It generated great interest among modelers as well as general public. 84 modelers participated in the show. Unfortunately, not all of them could come in person, their models were brought in by fellow modelers. In total some 300 works were displayed: 68 paper models, 15 scratchbuilt models, 194 plastic models, plus about 20 models, that did not participate in contest but were on display. The event got considerable mass media coverage (links to the articles and video interviews are provided at the end of this paper). We hold this show a success, because we achieved our main goal – to attract as many modelers and display as many models as possible. It was arguably the largest event of this kind in Lithuania so far. We hope that this „record“ will not be the last.

As organizers of the event, we are rejoyced over the number of participants of this show. Besides numerous lithuanian modelers were guests from Latvia and Poland. „DK Wschowa“ club member Grzegorz Dec brought card model of the battleship USS Missouri, World champion of the Naviga Championship in Hannover with 99,33% result. Other members from „DK Wschowa“ club, Naviga Championship award winners also participated in our model show. One of them is Tadeusz Chudzik, whose models of ships IJN Yukikaze and USS North Carolina were awarded silver and model of Sovremenny was awarded gold medals. Cezary Ciesielsky brought to our show his wooden ships in bottles, that were awarded silver medal in Naviga 2008 Championship. Club „Sparnai 72“ from Kaunas displayed a number of great plane models. Although vast majority of the modelers are men, our model show was graced by a female modeler Jolanta Puskunigytė. She displayed a model of Ford Mustang 350H.

This show was also distinguisehed for it‘s diversity of modeling subjects. Amongst usual planes, ships, armored vehicles and cars were robots from japanese anime, Star Wars theme sci-fi scenery by Marcin Kalbarczyk from Poland and even African elefant and zebra, made of paper by Audrius Vilčinskas.

Due to the large number of contestants we used article in the rules, allowing to create additional categories. Aviation models were separated into subcategories by time periods. For plastic aircraft models we also created additional „Youngsters“ category alongside „Juniors“. Also many models were presented in military vehicles category, so additional subcategories were created.

We like to express our gratitude to numerous sponsors, thanks to whom winners of the contest were awarded with impressive prizes. Here they are:

•    Lithuania Center of Information and Technical Creativity for Youth and it‘s tutor Jonas Karolis for premises and selfless assistance.
•    Aviation magazine „Aviacijos pasaulis“ for advertising our show, as well, as prizes for participants.
•    “Olfa” distributor in Lithuania for prizes – modeling tools.
•    Staff of „Minipasaulis“ for prizes.
•    Website for modelers for allowing us to advertise our show and also for prizes.
•    Online shop „SDM Popierinis pasaulis“ advertising our show and prizes.
•     Website for prizes.
•    Print-shop A&RS Group for printing poster and diplomas free of charge.
•    UAB „Voira“, Revell distributor in Lithuania for Revell prizes (including impressive Revell Grand Prix).
•    Andzej Halinski publishing house from Poland for abundant prizes.
•    Polish publishing house „Draf Model“ for prizes.
•    Polish publishing house GPM for models.
•    Polish publishing house WAK for models.
•    Ukrainian modelmaking company „Master Box“ for prizes.
•    Ukrainian modelmaking company „MiniArt“ and for models, including diorama model of a lithuanian building.
•    Ukrainian modelmaking company „Roden“ for prizes, especialy model of a historical plane, that served in Lithuanian AF.
•    Hong-Kong modelmaking company „Voyagermodel“ for prizes.
•    Representatives of World Modelers Club for W.M.C. cup, that was brought to us from Israel, and other prizes.

We also thank all the modelers, who brought their works to Center of Information and Technical Creativity for Youth in Vilnius. Many thanks also go to the jury: Antanas Povilaitis, Pranas Sungaila, Donatas Skiauteris, Linas Vanagickas and Mindaugas Pekarskas.

We hope to stage equally successful model show next year. We already conceive some changes will be neccessary, particularly in judging of the models. These changes, however, will be announced in the future. The show has ended? The new show begins! We hope to see you next year.

Press articles and video interviews:




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Polish media

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