Penktadienis, 11 sausio, 2008 Renginiai



1. The show is open to all modellers from Lithuania and abroad.
2. Show is free of charge for Junior age group participants (up to 13 years old) and Intermediate (ages 14-18). Entry fee for Senior (older than 19 years) age group participants – 5 Euro. This fee is charged for a single participant and does not vary with number of models presented by him.
3. Modellers who want to participate in competition must fill out 
registration form.
Please fill it for every entered model in advance, this will save time for you and contest hosts.
4. If a modeller presents a card model from printed magazine (e.g. „Modelik“), he must also provide original cover.
5. Organizers of this show are not deemed responsible for any violation of the laws of Lithuanian Republic by show participants. In cases of such violations participant can be banned from the show.
6. Award winning models of earlier Vilnius Scale Model Shows are not eligible for entry in subsequent Vilnius Scale Model Show competitions, but can be displayed in the exhibition.
7. Die-cast and pre-built models are not allowed to participate in the contest.
8. Modellers, who do not wish to participate in the contest, can display their models in exhibition.
9. Modellers will be divided into three age groups:
9.1 – Junior(up to 13 years old);
9.2 – Intermediate (ages 14-18);
9.3 – Senior (older than 19 years).
10. Single modeller can enter in an individual category with no more than three models. Number of categories to participate is not limited. If participant presents more than 3 models in 1 category, so 4th and etc. Models are not to be evaluated and will be moved to exhibition.
11. Contest in individual category takes place if there are no less than 3 participants in that category. If there are only 2 participants, only first place is awarded in that category. If there is only one participant, contest does not take place in that category and participant is awarded with acknowledgement.
12. One participant can be awarded only one place in individual category.
13. Organizers may expand, or consolidate categories if necessary.
14. These rules are a subject of change, but any such changes must be announced no less than 30 days before the show opening.


1. Models will be rated and winning places nominated by jury.
2. If a model on a base with figures and/or accessories is entered in a non-diorama category, only the model itself will be judged.
3. Jury will pick the best model in an individual category and several commended models.

4. Jury can decide to award several best models in an individual category.
5. Every judge in jury will rate models according to principles that will be announced beforehand. In order to pick the winners the models may be rated by certain score numbers.

6. The judge cannot rate his own models.
7. Jury verdict is final and undisputable.
8. Contest winners will be awarded with certificates and prizes.


Participant age groups:

Junior (up to 13 years old);
Intermediate (ages 14-18);
Senior (older than 19 years).

Models will be divided in to subcategories following scale, historical period, type of equipment depending on the amount of the models presented to the show.

For example category PA 1 divided by scale:

PA 1 – Military aviation before 1925-72;
PA 1 – Military aviation before 1925-48;
PA 1 – Military aviation before 1925-32;


PA 1 – Military aviation before 1925;
PA 2 – Military aviation 1925 – 1946;
PA 3 – Military aviation after 1947;
PA 4 – Civil aviation (sport, record breaking, passenger, cargo, special purpose);
PA 5 – Helicopters;
PK 1-1 – Tracked armoured military vehicles before 1945;
PK 1-2 – Tracked armoured military vehicles after 1945;
PK 2-1 – Wheeled armoured vehicles and APCs before 1945;
PK 2-1 – Wheeled armoured vehicles and APCs after 1945;
PK 3-1 – Soft skinned military vehicles before 1945;
PK 3-1 – Soft skinned military vehicles after 1945;

PK 4 – Other military equipment and vehicles (railway guns, armoured trains etc.).
PT 1 – Touring sport cars;
PT 2 – Other sports cars – Formulas, buggies etc.;
PT 3 – Other civil vehicles;
PT 4 – Bikes;
PL 1 – Sailing ships;
PL 2 – Submarines;
PL 3 – Other ships;
PF 1 – Figurines and busts;
PF 2-1 – Wargaming single model;
PF 2-2 – Wargaming battle group;
PF 2-3 – Wargaming Monster;
PD – Dioramas;
PV – Vignettes;
PX – Other plastic models.


KA 1-1 – Propeller-driven aircraft;
KA 1-2 – Jet aircraft;
KA 2 – Helicopters;
KK 1 – Tracked military vehicles;
KK 2 – Wheeled military vehicles and APCs;
KK 3 – Other military vehicles;
KT 1 – Civil vehicles (cars);

KT 2 – Civil vehicles (other vehicles);

KL 1 – Sailing ships;
KL 2 – Submarines;
KL 3 – Other ships;
KX 1 – Buildings;

KX 2 – Figures and animals;

KX 3 – Fantasy and sci-fi;
KX 4 – Other card models;


OB – Sailing ships;
OL – Other ships;
OX – Models that do not fit in other categories.


Best of show;
Best card model of the show;
Best plastic model of the show;
Best scratchbuilt model of the show;
Best of show, people‘s choice;
Best model of the youth participant of the show;
Best Lithuanian military model of show;

Masters cup.

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